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Pidro rules

Rules of Pidro

Pidro is a team game played by four persons - two team members sitting opposite to each other compete against the other team. On a high level the overall idea of Pidro is similar to Bridge meaning that the game consists of two phases

The structure of the game

The game structure is the following:
*the player who owns the card with the lowest rank – the “2” – always gets one point.

The cards

The game is played with a normal 52-card deck without jokers. However, each suit has 14 cards. This is possible since the 5 is counted in both suits of the same color, i.e. the 5 of hearts counts both in hearts and diamonds and the 5 of clubs counts both in clubs and in spades. A 5 is called a ”Pidro”.

The ranking of the cards in the suit:
A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, Right 5, Wrong 5, 4, 3, 2

The ”Right 5” is the 5 of the same suit as the played suit, i.e. if hearts was chosen then the 5 of hearts is the right 5 and the 5 of diamonds the ”Wrong 5”. This means that the right 5 can take the wrong 5.

Each suit has 14 points, distributed like this: (Card, Point(s))

The bidding

Since there are 14 points in a suit 14 is the maximum bid. The minimum bid is 6. If everybody passes the dealer has to play a bid of 6. Only the number of points is bid, the suit remains unknown until the highest bidder announces it (unlike Bridge where both the number of tricks and the suit are bid).

Some sample bids, x describing any card in the suit:

Playing the bid

After the bidding the highest bidder chooses the suit. All other cards are discarded face up on the table. Each person is dealt new cards so each player ends up with six cards in his hand

The dealer combines the rest of the deck and his own cards and keeps six cards out of these in his hand. He knows how many cards of the suit each person had but nobody knows how many he had. In the case that some player has more than six cards of the suit he has to ”kill” one or more cards so he will have only six cards left. Killing means putting them face up onto the table and declaring that they are not part of the game. Cards worth points can not be killed.

The highest bidder chose the suit and starts playing the round. The highest of the round starts the next round.

The highest card of the round will take all the points in the trick, except the 2. The 2 is called the ”low”. The one point from the low is credited to the team playing the low. In other words it can not be taken. Don’t bid 14 without it…

If you have no more cards in the chosen suit you lay your cards face up onto the middle of the table. This fact you are only allowed to reveal on your turn. For example if you have two hearts, you are only allowed to throw your cards on your turn on the third round.

The team with cards left after everybody else has thrown their cards can keep all the points of the cards it has left.

Some tips for playing:



Who wins?

The points are recorded for each team. If the team got more than or equal number of points as the bid, the team is credited with the full amount of these points. If the team did not succeed to get as many points as the bid it will suffer a penalty equal to the bid. This is called ”to hole”. The defending team keeps all the points it got in either case.

The points from the play are added to (subtracted from) the cumulative points of the previous plays.

The team who first gets 62 points wins. However, in a situation where both teams reach 62 or more, the team who bid (and chose the suit for) the last play wins.

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